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Industrial packaging plus service and know-how:

The European Packaging Cooperation, called EPC for short, is an initiative of efficient companies in this branch of business. Under the guiding principle: "Europewide - reliably", we offer our customers the best service possible for industrial packaging - not only regionally, but also Europewide.

At the beginning of 1999, leading companies from 15 countries in Europe joined the EPC and made from the logistic challenge of returning emptied industrial packaging within Europe an uncomplicated on-call return service tailored to individual customer requirements. We ensure the statutory regulations governing the return of packaging are observed for your convenience. Cooperation with EPC partners also gives you the assurance of profiting from the experience and know-how of a strong team of specialists. Added to this is the assurance that we carefully recondition or recycle your used packaging as necessary. We are also the right partner when it comes to buying new or reconditioned containers. Europewide - reliably .